Fanzine FAQs


What is popular STAND fanzine?

A fanzine is an unofficial, independent magazine made by people who have an interest in a specific topic. popular STAND is a Doncaster Rovers fanzine, so it is a forty-page printed ‘magazine’ put together by Doncaster Rovers fans.

Is it a programme?

No, it’s not a programme.

What’s in the fanzine?

A wide range of articles on Doncaster Rovers or other football, including short reviews of recent matches, personal recollections of past games or players, stories of matches attended, and thoughts on other topical stories in football; some serious, some not in the least bit series.

How much does it cost?

The first edition of popular STAND in 1998 cost just £1, and 22 years on it’s still the same price. However, because we give all our profits to local good causes and charities, we invite people to pay more if they can or want to. So if you think it’s worth more you can pay more, but £1 remains our minimum price.

Is it any good?

We think so, but then we would say that. But beyond our own vested interests, popular STAND has been shortlisted for the FSF Fanzine of the Year award four times since 2013; winning the award twice in 2016 and 2018.

How often is it on sale?

Historically we have printed six issues a season; three before Christmas and three afterwards. We’ll always make it known on Twitter, Facebook and supporters’ messageboards when a new issue is about to go on sale. When the fanzine returns for the 2020-21 season this is likely to drop to four issues a season.

When’s the next issue on sale?

Good question. Issue 101 of popular STAND is the next one, and after a season on hiatus we had hoped to return for the 2020-21 campaign. But right now, who knows when that will be.

Where can I buy it?

We sell each issue outside the Keepmoat Stadium ahead of a Rovers’ home match. We have sellers at the statue on the lake-side of the ground, near the Belle Vue Bar turnstiles, and outside the South Stand turnstiles. And if we don’t sell out before the game, we also sell it afterwards at the entrance to Car Park 2.

Doncaster Rovers fanzine popular STAND on sale outside the Keepmoat Stadium

Who writes for it?

Rovers fans do. The fanzine is by the fans, for the fans. We have writers ranging in age from their twenties to their sixties, some who go to every game, some who live on the other side of the world. And we are lucky to include professional writers, editors and authors among our contributors.

Where does the money go?

Once we’ve covered the cost of producing the fanzines (printing, envelopes, stamps), all other money that the fanzine takes, we give away to local good causes. Since 2011 we have given away almost £9,000 to, among others, the NSPCC, Luey Jacob Sharp Foundation, Doncaster Foodbanks, DRASACS, DonMentia, and Doncaster Women’s Aid. As well as giving sponsorship to Doncaster Rovers Belles, and the Donny R’sonists.

Can I subscribe to the fanzine?

If you live overseas, can’t get to matches, or are away for periods of the year we do offer a subscription service yes. Currently we are not taking subscriptions, but once we know when the fanzine is returning we will make this available once again.

Do you have any back issues available?

Yep, we’ve got a filing cabinet of them, and we’re happy to send them out anywhere in the world. You can find out which issues we have on our back issues page.

popular STAND back issues