First the good news: popular STAND fanzine will be back once again for the 2021-22 season.

Though we are hopeful we may be able to sell issues at matches again, this remains to be seen, so as with 2020-21, the best way to guarantee you receive all four editions we’ll be producing in 2020-21 is to take out a subscription, and get popular STAND sent straight to your door.

How much is a subscription to popular STAND?

  • £8 minimum if you’re based in the UK
  • £12 minimum if you’re based elsewhere in Europe
  • £15 minimum if you’re based elsewhere in the world
  • £5 minimum for a digital PDF subscription

Why ‘minimum’?

Any money popular STAND fanzine makes, beyond meeting our printing and postage costs, we give away to local charities. Since Glen Wilson took over as editor we’ve given away almost £10,000. Paying the minimum amount is absolutely fine – it’s how much your subscription costs – but if you wish to pay more, anything you do pay above the minimum, we’ll redirect to local charities via future donations.

When & how can I sign up for a subscription?

We’re taking a bit of a fanzine admin holiday for now as, well, believe it or not, we have lives away from popular STAND, but we’ll be back taking subscriptions for 2021-22 in July.

When we’re ready, you’ll be able to sign-up from this very page by completing a quick form.

We’ll make it known via our social media accounts and Rovers fan message boards when we are ready to start taking 2021-22 subscriptions, so keep an eye on those for upates.