The Art of Tripping El Hadji Diouf

Current/ex/one-time [delete depending on where you choose to get your info from] Doncaster Rovers player El Hadji Diouf features in a display at the Museum of Moving Image in Queens, New York. “The “We Tripped El Hadji Diouf” installation shows the incredible evolution of a simple fall during a soccer game, to a work of art,” says Paul Miller of technology-focused news site The Verge.

The installation came bout after footage of Diouf taking a tumble whilst playing for Rangers was rehashed into many improbable cause-and-effect interpretations by folk with considerably much greater computer skills than us. Rumours that Willie McKay has been in touch with the Museum of Moving Images to suggest similar installations featuring Pascal Chimbonda, Herita Ilunga and Habib Beye remain unfounded.The Verge’s report on the installation can be viewed here, whilst the video which inspired the installation is featured below.

Thanks to reader Mike Coffee for pointing this out to us.


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