Write for popular STAND

Back in 1998 popular STAND fanzine was formed to give Doncaster Rovers fans a free and independent platform on which they could speak out. We still exist for that same reason today, so we want to hear from you. We welcome contributions, articles, suggestions and feedback, and will consider all for publication.

If you’re stuck for inspiration we have a number of regular features, online and in print, for which we particularly welcome contributions.

  • 250 word match reports; Self explanatory really, since the start of the 2014-15 season we have sought to concisely cover each and every Rovers match for those unable to attend. These reports appear here on our website. Please contact us in advance of any Rovers games you wish to cover (so we can avoid duplication). For inspiration take a look at our recent submissions.
  • Remembering the first time; Can you remember the first time you attended a Rovers match? If so we’d love you to tell us about it; we’ve already had contributions ranging from 1958 to 2014 and always welcome more for this regular print feature. These articles should be approx 400 words in length.
  • Memorable memorabilia; Another regular print feature in which supporters write about their favourite pieces of Rovers memorabilia. From scarves to stickers to shirts, whatever you hold dear, we want you to tell us about it. These articles should be 350-400 words, ideally with an accompanying image of the item featured.
  • Losing; my favourite game; A new print feature for this season. We all regularly hark back to the big Rovers wins, at Wembley, Stoke and Brentford, but what about the matches where Rovers didn’t emerge victorious? For this feature we want you to write about your favourite or memorable Rovers defeats. These articles should be approx 400 words in length
  • Hoop dreams; A print feature we’ve always tried to get off the ground, but haven’t quite yet managed to make fly. We want supporters to tell us about any Rovers-related dreams they may have had. These articles should be approx 400 words in length.

If you wish to write on any of these topics, or indeed something else entirely please contact us via email at popularstand@outlook.com.


The next issue of popular STAND, issue 111, will be sent out to subscribers in early February. The deadline for copy is Wednesday 1 February.

4 thoughts on “Write for popular STAND

  1. Hi. I would be interesting in writing a few articles. I love English Language and have an A Level in it and think I might be able to contribute from time to time if you would like me to.

    1. Hi Ashley, great that you’re interested! Do you want to send us an email via the address on the page, and then I can get back to you that way. Makes it easier for me to keep on top of correspondence that way. Cheers.

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