Doncaster Rovers 0-1 Sheffield United: 250 word match report

For the second time this season Rovers failed to capitalise when awarded a penalty, or take advantage of the benefit of an extra man. In five crazy second-half minutes the game swung on a penalty miss and a world-class goal from Jamie Murphy.

In all honesty Rovers deserved nothing from a game that they had struggled to get a foothold in from the start; the performances of full backs Liam Wakefield and Enda Stevens, the only highlights. Rovers’ midfield were incapable of winning the ball and dictating play, similarly the Sheffield United midfield were allowed all the time and space they desired. And after receiving an early booking Paul Keegan was purely a spectator, which didn’t help matters.

Nonetheless, the visitors seemed jubilant after beating a Conference side, one which, let’s not forget, has spent more time in the second tier than they have recently – and it took them eight games to do it. But then of course, beating us still means nothing to them. And if you didn’t dislike United already, perhaps seeing Chris Morgan on the touchline would have changed your mind, what a horrible human being he is.

The only other stand-out performance of the afternoon came from the new television screen, which easily eclipsed anything that Rovers did on the field.

It’s hard to imagine how Rovers will turn this around right now, there are some good players out there who just aren’t performing, perhaps some of the blame lies at the manager’s door.

by Chris Kidd

One thought on “Doncaster Rovers 0-1 Sheffield United: 250 word match report

  1. If you can’t be jubilant when beating one of your nearest rivals geographically, what is football for.

    250 words of sour grapes.

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