popular STAND fanzine issue 76

popular STAND fanzine issue 76 front cover

I’ll cut straight to the point. We won’t be selling issue 76 of popular STAND at Rovers’ last game of the season against Scunthorpe on Sunday. But you can still get hold of one. Here’s why, and how.

This season the fanzine has become harder and harder for me to produce. The task of writing over a third of it, editing all forty pages, and then laying out and designing all forty pages is incredibly time-consuming. And fitting this around a full-time job, other writing commitments and, well, a life, has become increasingly difficult. Add in the pressure of trying to do this and ultimately come out with a fanzine at the end of it that lives up to the high-standard we’ve set and been recognised for, along with the general apathy or sarcastic wise-cracks we face whenever we ask for feedback or interaction and the jot of producing a fanzine has begun to evaporate. It becomes a chore.

On Tuesday night, with the ‘zine due at the printers before work the next day, with eight pages still to edit and a further six still to write, and a piercing headache taking hold I weighed everything up and decided it just wasn’t worth the slog. Given the Football League’s decision to move the Scunthorpe game to Sunday for TV meant I was going to have to shell out around £70 for an open train return north and find somewhere stay the night if I was to sell the ‘zine before kick-off, it was an easier decision to make than it might be. So the fanzine has been postponed, and I’ve had some sleep, and whilst I’m genuinely sorry to our regular readers who won’t be able to purchase a copy before the game, it was a decision I felt I had to take for my own well-being and sanity.

Though we won’t be selling issue 76 at a game we will be printing it for postal sales at a cost of £2. If you’re not a subscriber (as subscribers are getting one regardless I’m afraid, there’s no escape) and want a copy, and are willing to pay £2 for it then please take a moment to complete the form below, so we know how many to print. Following our charity donations at Christmas we have little in the bank, so can’t afford to pay for more fanzines to be printed than we’ll sell.

Many thanks,
Glen Wilson
Editor, popular STAND

To secure a copy of issue 76, please complete the form above and we’ll get back in touch with payment details.

7 thoughts on “popular STAND fanzine issue 76

  1. I’ve every sympathy Glen. You DO need a time out every now and then. It’s soemthing I learned myself, at very considerable cost, just a few short weeks ago. So take a time out, put your feet up, laugh at the morons, cheer with the heroes, and live a little for yourself.See: I want you back. You are part of what makes life worth the living. If you decide to pack it in, life will be significantly poorer. There’s enough shit in my life today thanks.I don’t want you making it any the worse.



  2. Glen, I really enjoy the fanzine and very much appreciate your work to produce it. BobG’s advice above is my thoughts exactly.

  3. A lot Of people just want to enjoy without putting anything in Glen. This happens in all walks of life but is very frustrating especially when those that make the most noise put the least in.
    I hope that you return well refreshed next season.

  4. I did wonder how much of the mag was down to you – didn’t realise it was quite that much – and I also agree with all the above, sounds like you need a break. Maybe a fresh appeal for others to chip in might help – I would be on that list.
    Geoff T

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