popular STAND fanzine issue 79

popular STAND fanzine issue 79


Christmas is coming, waterfowl are leaning towards obese. It is of course a time of giving, which in turn means a time of spending; not something that appeals to many a Yorkshireman’s heart. Mercifully though there is still value for money to be had in the run up to Christmas, and one such bargain goes on sale today; popular STAND fanzine issue 79.

Giving you forty packed pages of wit, insight and genuinely good quality football writing it remains an absolute steal at a minimum price of £1. And, should you need a further incentive to buy, should we sell out today then we’ll have £1,000 to give away to local charities in time for Christmas.

Here’s just a snapshot of what’s inside this issue, which will be available outside the Keepmoat Stadium from 1:30pm today at the statue, South Stand turnstiles and South West corner.

‘To give them credit for their second half performance would be like complementing The Titanic’s staff on how polite and efficient they were once they’d hit that iceberg.’

Glen Wilson, The Bernard Glover Diaries; Millwall 2-0 Rovers

‘By all accounts Colin Douglas did not warm to this decision and spent the 90 minutes of the game topping up his alcohol levels whilst voicing his displeasure towards the manager from the stands.’

Rob Marshall, Marshall Matters; on Colin Douglas

‘Look, I’m not a delicate flower, and football is a passionate pursuit. But I’m exhausted by passion, worse still ‘banter’, being used to justify spite.’

James McMahon, The Gary Brabin Memorial Lounge

‘Today, with the exception of Jürgen Klopp who is well suited to Liverpool, most top flight managers have the personality of a wet mop.’

Jack Peat, Jack’s Craic; on Scottish managers

‘Whitman made himself some space and let fly with a low shot into the corner of the net. The ground erupted. Rovers were on the way back.’

Chris Kidd, Conference Calls; Tristram Whitman

 ‘And we sang, and we danced, and Joe Ledley danced more, and we jumped and yelled and hugged. Hundreds of miles from home, cold, soaked through, lost two nil… I wouldn’t have swapped it for anything else.’

Glen Wilson, From Beneath the Statue; on watching Wales qualify for Euro 2016

 ‘I have to give credit to people who’ve been exiled from Rovers for many years, it’s a surprisingly arduous task.’

Liam Otley, Over the Hills; on watching Rovers from a far

‘You watched your local team also because that was the only realistic choice, without spending time and money on bus and train tickets.’

Dave Frost, A Touch of Frost; on the changing nature of support

 ‘At a time when the gap between those in the lower two leagues and clubs in the Championship and Premier League is ever-increasing, it’s clear that Rovers will have to manage their resources smartly.’

Howard Bonnett, Howard’s Marks; on bringing through Youth Players

Also in issue 79 of popular STAND fanzine

  • Jack the Miner gets his hands on Steve Evans’ diary
  • John Coyle returns to explain how he’s followed Rovers for the past year
  • Mike Follows brings a Christmas tale of a troubling Grinch
  • Dutch Uncle takes a statistical look at James Coppinger’s Rovers record
  • Bernard Glover’s Christmas Gift Guide
  • Memorable Memorabilia – Stephen Lumley on a favourite Rovers shirt
  • Remembering the First Time – Kevin Maye on his son’s first match
  • Reg Ipsa Legal Beagle answers your correspondence
  • The return of Saunders P.I.
  • Evans Watch – because you have to keep an eye on him



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