podular STAND podcast: the Donny Dog episode

Doncaster Rovers 4-0 Scunthorpe

Dry January, Veganuary… while everyone else was treating the first month of the year as a time for abstinence; Rovers were gorging on goals and wins. So emphatic were Doncaster as 2017 dawned that we had to wait until the month was fully over before deigning to speak of it.

But speak of it we now have, as earlier this week, popular STAND editor Glen Wilson was joined by regular contributors James McMahon and Jack Peat to record the latest episode of the popular STAND podcast, podular STAND. In episode three we look back at Rovers’ ruthless winning streak and look at what it’s down to; is it collective talent? Is it the manager? Is it something to do with chimpanzees?

There’s also a discussion on the unfortunate injury suffered by ex-Rover Ryan Mason. And, on a lighter note, James takes us through his favourite new chants and we also discuss chance encounters with football folk at train stations, and the lack of a convincing backstory to Donny Dog.

All this is available to listen to now on iTunes, and also on Soundcloud, below.

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