popular STAND fanzine issue 91

popular STAND fanzine issue 91 front cover

Typical, you wait ages for a fanzine, and then two issues come along in quick succession. It may only be a month since issue 90 of popular STAND, but we’re back again with another edition to soften the blow of having to face the sham of a club that is MK ‘Dons’.

Issue 91 of the FSF Award winning fanzine popular STAND is on sale at Doncaster Rovers’ home match with the franchise on Saturday. And with the next instalment not due ’til the New Year this could be your last chance to enjoy an issue with that celebratory prefix. Mind, we’ve been shortlisted for the award again this year, so you never know, we might be banging on about it for another twelve months yet.

Where can I buy it?

We’re mercifully back up to three sellers for this issue, and find them outside the Keepmoat Stadium before Rovers vs MK.  From around 1:30pm until 2:50pm we’ll be in position beneath the statue on the path from the lake, and by the Belle Vue bar, and from about 1.50pm you’ll find one of us outside the South Stand turnstiles.

If we’ve not sold out before kick-off you’ll also have the opportunity to buy a copy after the match at the entrance to car-park two, but don’t take the chance – three of our last five issues have all sold out before the match.

What’s in it?

Inside this issue’s 40 packed fanzine pages you’ll find:

  • Editorial – on not relying on football to get us through
  • The Bernard Glover Diaries – catching up on Rovers’ autumn progress
  • Spotted! – Rovers players seen out and about
  • The Fan Panel – Your thoughts on the burning Rovers questions
  • It’s All About the Giving – where your money is going
  • In Off the Post Bag – we’ve had a bloody letter!
  • Tweet Disposition – what is love?
  • Marshall Matters – a satisfied ifollow customer
  • Howard’s Marks – watching the men who followed miners
  • Voice of the Pop Side – Rovers’ FA Cup giantkilling remembered
  • For Peat’s Sake – Does a bright future for England await?
  • Remembering the First Time – We go back to 1982 with Simon Angel
  • Stock Check – is Brian OK?
  • A Christmas Carl – Mike Follows re-imagines a Christmas classic
  • Lazarus Rising – should we perhaps be happy with our lot?
  • Tolling on the Belles, Again – The FA are dicking about with women’s football
  • Reasons to Love Football – your winger running at a full-back
  • The Strikers’ Graveyard – remember Steve Brooker?
  • Gary Brabin’s Memorial Lounge – opening up through football
  • Bernard Glover’s Believe it or Not
  • Beneath the Statue – what the EFL really think of fans
  • Windmills of Your Mind – A look at Rovers’ 200 appearance club
  • Reg Ipsa – Your problems sort of answered
  • Trump on Rovers – The President is back to Make Doncaster Great Again

Why should I buy it?

You only need to pay £1 for it. It’s completely independent and written by fellow Rovers fans, for the enjoyment of all Rovers fans. And, all profits go to local charities in Doncaster – we’ve given away over £5,000 in recent years – so at the very least you’re supporting good causes in your town. So if you can pay more than that £1 please do, it’d be very welcome.

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