popular STAND fanzine issue 94

The front cover of issue 94 of popular STAND fanzine

Yep. Another fanzine. Already. Less than a month after our 20th birthday issue we’re back again with the difficult follow-up edition, popular STAND fanzine number 94. The perfect accompaniment to the afternoon, and something to read during those quiet moments, you know, like Rovers attacks.

As ever, we’ve forty packed pages of high quality football writing from your fellow Rovers fans, covering everything from ballboys to boredom, the excitement of the World Cup to the sheen of John Muir’s thighs, and the long-awaited return of Jack the Miner. I know I say this every month, and I know as editor I am somewhat biased, but I genuinely think that you will find no better value for £1 anywhere in football.

Where can I buy it?

This issue will be on sale ahead of Rovers final match of the season against Wigan Athletic on Saturday 5 April; available from outside the Belle Vue Bar from about 3.50pm, and from beneath the statue at the South East corner of the ground from 4pm. At the moment we only have two sellers, but if we can find a third volunteer they’ll be positioned outside the South Stand from 4.30pm.

And, if we have any copies left post match, you’ll find us at the entrance to Car Park 2 at full-time.

What’s in it?

Inside this issue’s 40 packed fanzine pages you’ll find:

  • Editorial – on the wasting of time
  • The Bernard Glover Diaries – a look back across the past month
  • The Fan Panel – five Rovers fans dissect the season
  • Spotted! – a whole page worth of Rovers out and about
  • Remembering the First Time – Craig Taylor takes us back to 1987
  • Howard’s Marks – football and Flumps in Stocksbridge
  • Marshall Matters – an end of term report on 2017-18
  • Jack the Miner’s Coal Face – Sex lives off the pitch and Rovers
  • Stock Check – How is Brian faring this month?
  • Lazarus Comes Forth – do supporters need to reign it in?
  • Memorable Memorabilia – Rob Smith’s signed John Muir photo
  • Reasons to Love Football – goalkeepers going up for corners
  • Voice of the Pop Side – Five of the best left backs
  • For Peat’s Sake – the age of the playboy ballboy
  • From Beneath the Statue – getting set for the World Cup
  • Waugh, Huh, Yeah – the first Football League season revisited
  • The Striker’s Graveyard – Gregg Blundell
  • Gary Brabin Memorial Lounge – on a rare visit to Doncaster
  • Bernard Glover’s Believe it or Not
  • Windmills of Your Mind – favourite victories revisited
  • Reg Ipsa – our legal expert ‘answers’ your questions
  • World Cup 2018 TV Bingo – get more out of the tournament

Why should I buy it?

You only need to pay £1 for it. It’s completely independent and written by fellow Rovers fans, for the enjoyment of all Rovers fans. And, all profits go to local charities in Doncaster – we’ve given away over £6,500 in recent years – so at the very least you’re supporting good causes in your town. So if you can pay more than that £1 please do, it’d be very welcome.

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