podular STAND podcast: the rumours episode

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Yes, that’s right. Rumours of the death of the popular STAND podcast were, it transpires, greatly exaggerated. Turns out we were just resting… for a long time. After ten months away, your favour Doncaster Rovers-related podcast is back, with a reasonably eagerly anticipated twelfth episode.

After our prolonged period of reflection, we’ve taken a different approach to the podcast this year, and whilst popular STAND editor Glen Wilson is again joined by regular contributors and fellow London-exiled Rovers fans James McMahon and Jack Peat, the format has changed. Rather than meander through the latest goings on at the Keepmoat, we’ve instead decided to dedicate each episode to a specific topic.

First up, at James’ behest, a look back through some of our favourite Rovers related rumours. Did Peter Beardsley ever play for Rovers? Did Paul Daniels really own some of the Belle Vue pitch? And who was the future World cup winner who was supposedly rejected by the club for being too lightweight for the fourth division?

Find the answers – well, some speculation about the possible answers – to all this and more, in the latest episode, below.

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