AFC Wimbledon 2-2 Doncaster Rovers: an alternate match report

In an alternate take on our 250 word match report, Jack Peat channels his inner Brian Bilston for Rovers comeback draw at AFC Wimbledon.

Tommy Rowe 

I would rather eat, 
My whole toe,
Than see the departure, 
Of our Tommy Rowe 

I’d sooner munch,  
Yellow snow, 
Than be without our skipper, 
Tommy Malcolm Rowe. 

I’d turn away, 
A girl who’s quite bonny, 
Then have to watch a game, 
That didn’t feature Tommy. 

I’d sit in a ditch, 
And ignore an itch, 
If it prevented not seeing him, 
On the pitch. 

Even if, 
I were blind, 
I still reckon he could, 
Tickle my mind. 

Hard to remember, 
A season more crummy, 
At least we endured it, 
Alongside our Tommy. 

by Jack Peat

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