Charity World Cup 2022 Sweepstake

Wales fans celebrate in the Cardiff City Stadium, and a red smoke bomb goes off, as the scoreboard above the Canton Stand reads 'Qualifield'

Leaves are on the ground, Christmas decorations are starting to appear in shops, it can only mean one thing. Yep, it’s time for a World Cup.

Whilst this year’s tournament is an undoubted disaster on many, many levels – held in a country with appalling human rights records, where not being heterosexual is illegal, and where it is too hot for football – that shouldn’t stop us from trying to salvage some good from it. And so, our charity sweepstake is back.

Charity and prizes

The sweep cost £3 per person to enter, just over £1 of which went into the prize fund, the rest into a charity pot. The fanzine is rounding that amount up to £200. And, given the nature of this year’s tournament we’re donating that money to a (as yet to be determined) LGBTQ+ support group. As for the prizes, they”ll be as follows:

£20 winner
£10 runner-up
£6 third place
£4 last place

The draw

On the eve of the tournament, the draw took place in a secret rain-lashed bunker in North Wales. Gianni Infantino failed to turn up, but undeterred, popular STAND fanzine editor Glen Wilson pressed on with out him.

The group stage

16 participants bowed out at the end of the group stage…

@_daveharvey (Ecuador), @chsingthedragon (Qatar), Kevin Gaukrodger (Iran), @Liz_Robinson_xx (Wales), @yes_guesty (Mexico), @jacknpeat (Saudi Arabia), @DJLazarus (Denmark), @JohnLeslieCoyl1 (Tunisia), @TheGrenobleGirl (Costa Rica), @sophysophs (Germany), @bloxhamangel (Belgium), @ffion__ (Canada), @mirkobolesan (Cameroon), @ScottFlasheart (Serbia), @JMickandrews (Ghana) and @DrMuttley (Uruguay)

Of those 16 teams exiting, with zero points and a -6 goal difference Qatar are statistically the worst team at the tournament, which means… 
Congratulations to @chsingthedragon!
Winner of the £4 Wooden Spoon Prize.

The second round

@comms_dk (NED) vs @donnyboy71 (USA)

Philip Holdsworth (ARG) vs @RalphDavies1 (AUS)

@rtid75 (FRA) vs @MikeSFollows (POL)

@DonnyDivaRL (ENG) vs @bryancrane (SEN)

@SteveLeedale (JPN) vs @jmb_013 (CRO)

@gillinghamrover (BRA) vs Max Follows (KOR)

@thehuwdavies (MAR) vs @sheepskinstu (ESP)

@littleelliott (POR) vs @sbjblair (SUI)

The quarter finals

@comms_dk (NED) vs Philip Holdsworth (ARG)

@gillinghamrover (BRA) vs @jmb_013 (CRO)

@DonnyDivaRL (ENG) vs @rtid75 (FRA)

@thehuwdavies (MAR) vs @littlelliott (POR)

The semi finals

Philip Holdsworth (ARG) vs @jmb_013 (CRO)

@rtid75 (FRA) vs @thehuwdavies (MAR)

The prize winners

3rd place: @jmb_013 (CRO), wins £6

Runner up: @rtid75 (FRA), wins £10

Winner: Philip Holdsworth (ARG), wins £20

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