popular STAND fanzine issue 112

The front cover of issue 112 of popular STAND fanzine

Thank God that’s over. One of the worst seasons since popular STAND fanzine first appeared on the terraces, 25 years ago finally consigned to the past tense. Subsequently, it can be of no great surprise that the tone of our end of season fanzine, issue 112, is far from an optimistic one.

Things might’ve been slightly different had our print deadline been a week or so later. I was just in the process of formatting the final page of this issue’s 44 at the point that Danny Schofield was sacked from his position of head coach. That decision, plus the appointment of Grant McCann as his replacement, certainly appears to have lifted the mood of fans and hopes for a much brighter 2023-24 season.

But as records of 2022-23 go, this latest issue of popular STAND is bang on the money. Despairing and despondent without hyperbole or empty scapegoating; those of our correspondents who’ve chosen to put their focus on the past season have done so with clear consideration. And beyond that we’ve other brighter pieces for you to enjoy; Lazarus fielding of endless questions from his seven-year-old; Emma Dawson achieving a long-held ambition; fond recollections of a 1970s trip to London from Russell Newcombe; plus a brief return for Rabid Donny Dog.

That’s all here for you to read in issue 112 of popular STAND fanzine, the longest serving Rovers fan platform, along with all of what’s listed below too…

Editorial: Are you board out, or board in? Glen Wilson advocates a position somewhere in between

Highlights & Lowlights: What we’re here for right now, and what we could very much do without

Bernard Glover’s Diary: Helping you draw a big line under the last few months of the season

The Fan Panel: Four of our supporter panelists give their thoughts on pressing Rovers issues

In Off the Post Bag: Yes, we’ve had some correspondence! But, spoiler alert, it’s not exactly brimming with optimism

Losing. My Favourite Game: St John Pilkington manages to find reason to be cheerful in a disastrous afternoon in Reading

Game of Throw-ins: Dave Waugh looks at the science of the sideline restart

For Peat’s Sake: Jack Peat runs the rule over Danny Schofield’s management

In the Club: Emma Dawson explains how she’s become part of a niche football watching fraternity

Spotted!: Rovers folk seen out and about, including a fascinating insight into Todd Miller’s off-field habits

Losing, My Favourite Game: Russell Newcombe recalls a memorable mid 1970s trip to London and White Hart Lane

Howard’s Marks: Howard Bonnett tries to pay heed to the supporting tenets instilled in him as a young fan

Marshall Matters: Rob Marshall paints a dark picture of a particularly grim season

Gary Brabin Memorial Lounge: James McMahon struggles to find the words about not quite finding the words

Lazarus Goes Forth: Lazarus attempts to sidestep an unending stream of questions from his seven-year-old and look forwards

The Scunthorpe Problem: Jon Parkin runs through some of our most memorable encounters with the Iron

Ask Reece Wabara: The former full-back turned millionaire Twitter philosopher answers your problems

The Inspirational Schofield: The Rovers manager’s post-match reactions meet the Second World War speeches of Winston Churchill

Voice of the Pop Side: John Coyle recalls his first decade as a Rovers supporter; the far from fruitful 1970s

Follows the Rovers: Mike Follows contemplates whether it’s time to do away with a blunt ruler

Rabid Donny Dog Unleashed: He’s back; emerging from his East Stand kennel to cause more havoc

Jacob’s Selection: Jacob Goodwin eschews the current situation at Rovers to find solace in memories of the past

Windmills of Your Mind: Dutch Uncle takes a look at how Rovers have faired against top flight League Cup opponents

Who Goes? Who Stays?: The result of our online squad survey; the players you want to keep and those you want rid of.

For the 2022-23 season popular STAND is a subscription-based fanzine, however a small number of individual copies of issue 112 will be available for sale via our back issue page.

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