The Bottom Six

The Bottom Six

Jack Peat set out to tackle this season’s most pressing question; why weren’t Rovers relegated sooner?

In all my years of watching Rovers, I can recall only a handful that have felt as abysmal as this one. Indeed, off-field matters excluded, this has probably been the worst. Performances both home and away have been uninspiring. Players have struggled to gel. Any positive moments have been fleeting and all too often dissipated in the same puff of smoke in which they appeared. It has been tough, and few people reading these pages will need reminding of that, but what has been most perplexing of all in my view is that we weren’t put out of our misery sooner.

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Morecambe 1-5 Doncaster Rovers; 250 word match report

Morecambe 1-5 Doncaster Rovers; 250 word match report

250 words are more than is truly needed when you could sum James Coppinger up in just one, Legend. Everything about this game went to script, but in reality there was no need for a script at all.

From start to finish Coppinger ran the show, his corner led to the opener – Andy Butler turning the ball home – shortly followed by John Marquis dancing around the Morecambe defence for 2-0. Even Cole Stockton’s well taken volley before half-time couldn’t steal the limelight.

After the break it was all Coppinger. A classic run down the right, cutting and weaving past player after player, didn’t quite have the glorious end product for Coppinger, but Marquis was more than happy to tap in for 3-1.

Matty Blair went one better as he made his own terrorising run down the Rovers right, before poking home the fourth goal.

But on his 500th game, there was only one way the game would end. Coppinger letting fly to find the bottom corner from 25 yards to the delight of the travelling support.

There have been some special moments over the last 12 years, but few will have topped that one. There will never be another player like Coppinger at Rovers, or any club. He’s the last of a special breed of player and one that epitomises everything Doncaster Rovers. It’s for this that he is a hero of mine, and of many others.

As I said, there really was no need for a script.

by Alex Gibbings