Fulham 2-1 Doncaster Rovers: 250 word match report

The outside of Fulham FC's Craven Cottage ground ahead of their game against Doncaster Rovers

Craven Cottage is a lush away day. It’s got heritage, tradition, good burgers and it’s ten minutes away from my missus’ house. After a win at the weekend and with the memory of Watford away still fresh, I had high hopes for this one.

First half was one to forget, it was stale but we could have easily gone in three down. This was due to a frail defence and a lone striker acting like a dog fetching sticks. If Fulham had a little more panache the game would have been over after the first thirty minutes.

During the second half break Paul Dickov must have read my article advising that we play two upfront and get Forrester involved, because low and behold Theo Robinson came on for Richie Wellens and Harry Forrester replaced Kyle Bennett, who I hadn’t even realised was on the pitch. Coincidence?

Cue second half revival. The boys passed the ball with an eye on making chances. Nice triangle passing in and around the box before Coppinger netted and we were on for a comeback. Robinson received a luscious ball at the back post that was intercepted by a Fulham hand. Penalty awarded. Penalty squandered. Good save, but weak penalty.

It was a match of two halves, they deserved to be two up in first half, we deserved to score two in second, but that’s football. Tyson off in injury time, think it was a head injury. Coppinger man of the match by a country mile.

by Jack Peat

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