New Price for popular STAND fanzine

popular STAND fanzine being sold at Rovers' home match with Bradford in April 2015

Don’t worry, it is still £1. But rather than being still only £1, popular STAND fanzine will now be at least £1.

When popular STAND first went on sale in 1998 it cost £1. It still cost £1 when I took over as editor just over four years ago, and I have been determined to keep it at the same price.

‘You could charge more’, people have told us, ‘you should charge more’. And I certainly agree that for what goes into every issue, it is worth more. However, £1 is a good price. It is an easy amount to ask for, and to convince the undecided to handover, and it is an easy amount to take, as it means less fumbling for change than it would be if we were to charge say £1.20 or £1.50.

We’ve been lucky. Dave the printer is not only the nicest and most accommodating man in fanzine circles, he’s also the cheapest – and as a fanzine man himself (he edits Made in Brum), he gets what we need and why it shouldn’t cost the earth. But he still has to earn money and so his costs have risen in the last year whilst our readership has remained fairly constant.

That means that our margin of profit has decreased. And as we put all our profits into local community, charity or football endeavours, it means we have had less money to dish out, at a time when so many groups in Doncaster need our support more and more.

Thankfully one of our readers (cheers Muttley) offered us a great solution, that enables us to maintain a cheap accessible price for all, but also potentially bring in more money for local groups. So popular STAND, from this moment onwards, will cost £1 minimum.

If you can only spare £1 that’s fine, times are tough and we won’t ever judge you, but if you wish to, you an pay more. Whether that’s £1.20, £1.50, or £2 is up to you, whether it’s a one-off or an every issue thing, again that’s up to you. But either way, you can be assured that your money, will ultimately go on to support your community.

Huge thanks to all who have read and bought popular STAND over the years, and I hope you continue to do so in 2015-16. Issue 77 will be on sale ahead of Rovers match with Bury on Saturday 8 August.

Glen Wilson
popular STAND

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