popular STAND fanzine issue 82

popular STAND fanzine issue 82 front cover

Rovers may be relegated. The season may be over, but it’s not all doom and gloom, because issue 82 of popular STAND fanzine goes on sale this weekend. Ok, so it is mostly doom and gloom, but still; we’ll be selling the forty packed pages of issue 82 outside the Keepmoat Stadium ahead of Rovers vs Burton on Sunday from about 11:20am.

We’ll have sellers at the statue on the South-East corner of the ground; near the Belle Vue bar and at the South Stand turnstiles from about 11:20am until five mins before kick-off.

If we don’t sell out before the match the fanzine will also be on sale at the entrance to car-park 2 after full-time.

It is, as ever, still £1… but you’re welcome to pay more with all profits going to local good causes.

All of this:

  • Editorial – on board investment and Leicester City
  • The Bernard Glover Diaries – review of last month
  • Who Stays? Who Goes? – our fan panel run the rule over the squad
  • In Off the Post – we’ve had some actual bloody post!
  • Marshall Matters – on hope and fate
  • Bernard Glover’s Believe it or Not
  • Jack the Miner hacks Darren Ferguson’s email account
  • The Belles The Belles – update on the start to their season
  • The Shirt Locker – thoughts on the new away kit
  • Follows the Rovers – why long-haired players fail at Rovers
  • What Type of Moaning bas**rd are You? – take the test
  • Watching from Afar – another fan tells us how they cope
  • Tyson’s Fury – what’s angered Nathan this month?
  • Jack’s Craic – how going up in Leeds made Jack a Doncaster fan
  • Howard’s Marks – An early reconnaissance of League Two
  • Conference Calls – Oh Andy Andy, Andy Andy Andy Andy Warrington
  • Gary Brabin’s Memorial Lounge – Relegation is bad, but not the end
  • Voice of the Pop Side – a look at other rovers post-Christmas collapses
  • Evans Watch – because you have to keep an eye on him
  • Remembering the First Time – Andy Barlow’s first game
  • Waugh, Huh Yeah – Are Darlington on the way back?
  • Spotted with Louis Bailey – Rovers folk seen out and about
  • Beneath the Statue – football’s better when it doesn’t matter
  • Windmills of Your Mind – the links between Rovers and Swansea
  • Memorable Memorabilia – Darren Burke’s bit of Belle Vue
  • Laws of the Game – Schoolyard edition

If you’ve never read popular STAND fanzine before, then we’ve prepared a quick fanzine FAQ here, so you can know more about it, before you hand us your £1 on Sunday lunchtime.

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