Enter our Euro 2016 charity sweepstake

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, or Scotland, it probably won’t have escaped your notice that the European Championships are upon us. And in our view wherever there’s football, there’s a way for us to make money for charity. So, roll up, roll up and get yourself on board for the popular STAND Euro 2016 sweepstake.

You’re probably in a sweepstake at work; one that will get won by the person in finance you’ve never heard of, who doesn’t really follow football and keeps referring to it as the Euros World Cup and asking how Team GB are doing. Those sweepstakes are frustrating, but ours is different, because by taking part you’ll have contributed more to a good cause, than you will to the winner’s prize fund.

So what’s the cause? Well, in view of the terrifying and depressing statistic that following England’s matches at the 2010 World Cup domestic violence against women increased 25%, we wanted to do our sweepstake in support of Doncaster Women’s Aid. Only we can’t, because just last month Doncaster Women’s Aid was forced to close; another victim in a raft of government cuts that have hamstrung vital local services in the north of England.

But the people united will never be defeated; Women’s Lives Matter who led the campaign against the closure of Doncaster Women’s Aid, are now repurposing their efforts into establishing a new service to support women in Doncaster. And it is to that which we pledge our support, and to which the vast majority of your sweepstake money will be going.

The entry cost for our sweepstake is a minimum £4 (like the fanzine, you can pay more if you wish). And whatever we raise from your entries, popular STAND will round up to the nearest £100, from the money in our kitty.

As for the prize fund; the winner gets £20, the runner-up £5 and if your nation picks up the wooden spoon you’ll get £4 back. All other entry money will go direct to Women’s Lives Matter.

Please note, we can only accept entry money via PayPal or in person to our Editor.

If we fill the 24 team places quickly – which hopefully we will – then we’ll open up another 24 team sweep.

If you want to take part tweet us at @vivarovers, or if you’re not on twitter, comment below and we’ll get in touch to confirm payment details.

Glen Wilson
Editor, popular STAND


4 thoughts on “Enter our Euro 2016 charity sweepstake

    1. You can indeed; please send a minimum £4 to us via paypal when you get chance. Our account is popularstand[at]outlook[dot]com

    1. Hi Jane, thank you for your interest, but we’ve already filled the competition twice over, so I’m afraid we’ve no other space for entrants.

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