Euro 2016 Charity Sweepstake is Drawn

Wales fans enter the King Baudouin Stadium in Brussells ahead of their game with Belgium

In a lavish late-night ceremony conducted on the desk of popular STAND HQ, the draw for our much heralded Euro 2016 charity sweepstake was finally held on Tuesday evening. Forty-eight entrants were drawn from the bootleg Doncaster Rovers mug, and assigned in group and alphabetical order to the competing teams; so first out the hat got Albania in group A, fifth out the hat got England in Group B and so on.

With 48 entrants, we have two separate tournaments going on, and the draw for both can be found below. There is a £29 prize fund in each tournament, with the winner getting £20, the runner-up £5 and £4 back if your nation is the worst in the tournament.

We received £273 in entry money, so that’s £215 once the prize money has been deducted. As promised popular STAND will round that up to a £300 donation to They Cut We Bleed to aid with their campaign to re-establish Women’s Aid services in Doncaster. So, regardless of whoever you’ve drawn, you’ve all done a really great thing, for which, we thank you.

popular STAND Euro 2016 Sweepstake 1

Here’s the line-up for our first tournament, which features two battles of the fanzine contributors. In Group B, jacknpeat’s England face DJLazarus’ Wales, and in Group C there’s three folk who’ve contributed to popular STAND at some point in the past; karl2smith as Germany, JohnLeslieCoyl1 as Poland, and ChrisDonald92 as Ukraine.

Group A Group D
Albania @DrMuttley Croatia @medibot33
France @IamDaley  Czech-Republic @rtid75
 Romania @RalphDavies1  Spain @chrispeat56
 Switzerland @glossopluke  Turkey @beetlebeard
Group B Group E
 England @jacknpeat  Belgium @redmenace_zine
 Russia @DRSG_DRFC  Italy @sarahrovers
 Slovakia @matchstickowen  Ireland @jamesjammcmahon
 Wales @DJLazarus Sweden @ceylanhussein
Group C Group F
 Germany @karl2smith  Austria @sheepskinstu
 Northern-Ireland-icon @RussH808 Hungary Jonny Dyas
 Poland @JohnLeslieCoyl1  Iceland @BenDudley88
 Ukraine @ChrisDonald92 Portugal @_niallmccarthy_

popular STAND Euro 2016 Sweepstake 2

As mentioned, we’ve filled the sweep twice over, so here are the runners and riders in our second tournament. Two people heading out to France to support Wales, glenglenglen and matthew_gabb go head to head in Group E as Rep. of Ireland and Sweden respectively, whilst in Group C mirkobolesan completes the home nations hat-trick by living in England, supporting Wales, and drawing Northern Ireland in the sweep.

Group A Group D
 Albania @chsingthedragon  Croatia @PeatGeorge
 France @Gazz_Long  Czech-Republic @Craigthefub
 Romania @reesj665  Spain @michaeljjava
 Switzerland @TonyCSGreenall  Turkey @extokyotyke
Group B Group E
 England @SteveLeedlae  Belgium @Cynderness
Russia @jamesmyers1991 Italy @bloxhamangel
 Slovakia @DONNYDIVArl  Ireland @glenglenglen
 Wales @BirdBirdessence  Sweden @matthew_gabb
Group C Group F
 Germany @joe_peat Austria @DeeeKayy
 Northern-Ireland-icon @mirkobolesan  Hungary @IrishMackem93
 Poland @MikeSFollows Iceland @DRFC_Pete1993
 Ukraine @donnyboy71  Portugal @claire_hendry

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