Newport County 0-0 Doncaster Rovers; 250 word match report

Pre-match food for Wales fans ahead of their game with Bosnia

With this game rescheduled due to some rugby match or other taking place Saturday, playing on a Friday night in South Wales was never going to be an easy game for Rovers – and it was a task made even harder by a pitch not even fit for the oval ball game.

James Coppinger was out through injury and his absence was surely missed. In what could’ve been mistaken for a game of beach volleyball, neither side can really claim to of had the better of chances, although Tommy Rowe and Andy Butler tried as best they could to set Rovers on their way to a win.

Graham Westley is notorious for his time-wasting, hoof-ball sides, and Newport proved to be no exception. Though supposedly in a relegation battle, County showed no sign of wanting to put up a fight and instead appeared happy to settle for a point, which won’t go far in helping their bid to retain their Football League status.

The home side’s technique of bus parking certainly frustrated Rovers who remain top of the table, but the gap has now been cut, and this will definitely be seen as two points dropped rather than one point gained.

In short, a goalless draw that lacked in entertainment and drew few chances from either side; a fairly dull encounter in all truth.

Hopefully Rovers won’t play in South Wales next year, even if we fail to get promoted, there’s little chance Newport will be a League club next season.

by Alex Gibbings

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