popular STAND fanzine: issue 104

front cover of issue 104 of popular STAND fanzine

Perhaps the greatest tribute Rovers could offer in a year of false dawns over lockdown-easing and returns to normality, was a season that got us all excited about what was coming, only to emphatically disappoint and then drag on longer than anyone really cared for it. I laid the groundwork for issue 103 by telling you how upbeat the contents were, ‘a true testament to the hope and excitement that Darren Moore’s Rovers have offered us’. Come this release of 104 and that statement has aged like a fine milk.

So what’s in this issue? Well there are tributes to James Coppinger of course, fives pages of it, which doesn’t seem like enough, but then we could’ve given the whole issue over to him and it still wouldn’t have felt like overkill. Beyond that we cover Darren Moore’s exit and the subsequent discovery we’d built a league on quicksand. There’s the general detachment of a full season watched remotely, and of course there’s the European Super League. And we’ve also got a look at tactics, the fate of non-league clubs in lockdown, and a giant anthropomorphised canine calling a legend an “overrated wanker”. You know, just the usual stuff, really.

Here’s what’s inside issue 104…

Editorial: Glen Wilson on watching football in person over watching it on screens

Bernard Glover’s Diary: A managerial departure, and a woeful run of form recapped

The Fan Panel: The original panel of socially distant Rovers fans try and tell us where it all went wrong

Danny Boy or Danny Man?: Is Danny Amos the oldest 21-year-old on earth?

Remembering the First Time: Elliott Wilson takes us back to a 2003 Friday night under the Belle Vue lights

Marshall’s Matters: Rob Marshall reflects on a dour few months of Rovers action

Howard’s Marks: Howard Bonnett checks in on the pandemic-ravaged fortunes of Goole AFC

From Beneath The Statue: Glen Wilson tries to get to grips with a James Coppinger-less future

Copping It: David Wilcox explains what it’s like to see James Coppinger line up against your team

Rabid Donny Dog Unleashed: The Rovers mascot tells it like it is from his East Stand kennel

Voice of the Pop Side: John Coyle takes a look back at previous seasons of two halves

Lazarus Comes Forth: Lazarus shows it’s not been a great few months for making bold predictions

For Peat’s Sake: The proposed European Super League surprised a lot of people, but not Jack Peat

Gary Brabin Memorial Lounger: Football seems to be doing all it can to rid itself of James McMahon

Follows the Rovers: Mike Follows has been rummaging about in Florention Perez’ desk drawers again

Ask Reece Wabara: The former Rovers full-back turned business evangelist answers your questions

Jacob’s Selection: Jacob Goodwin reckons Rovers’ biggest enemy may simply be a lack of patience

Waugh, Huh, Yeah: David Waugh expands on a new tactical trend that he could really do without

Windmills of Your Mind: Dutch Uncle puts down the spreadsheets and picks up the guitar

Who Stays? Who Goes?: The result of our survey to see which players you’d like to see in 2021-22

For the 2020-21 season popular STAND is a subscription-based fanzine, however we have a small number of individual copies of issue 104 available for sale via our back issue page.