podular STAND podcast: the 2016-17 season review episode

podular STAND podcast logo

Finally, at long last the disappointment, the frustration and the indifference felt at Doncaster Rovers’ whimpering end to the 2016-17 season has subsided enough, for us to speak of it. And so, round about two weeks later than planned, we finally bring you the much anticipated eighth episode of the fanzine podcast, podular STAND.

On Tuesday evening, popular STAND editor Glen Wilson, and regular contributors Jack Peat and James McMahon were strong willed enough to eschew the calling of sun-drenched beer gardens and instead gather round a microphone in a London office-cum-greenhouse and bang on about the Rovers.

And to you we give the fruits of their labour, forty minutes of chat on, among other things, those final five disappointing games, whether missing out on a title truly matters, and the players we won’t be seeing next season. The trio also have something of a difference of opinion about Doncaster Rovers new kits for 2017-18, and revisit the haunting of Belle Vue before wondering what exactly to do with themselves over the summer.

All this and more can be endured enjoyed on the latest episode of podular STAND, available to listen to on soundcloud via the player below, or, if you prefer, via iTunes.

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