popular STAND fanzine issue 93

The internet was supposed to stop this from happening. The immediacy of messageboards and social media were supposed to kill us off. Yet, somehow, in an age that revolves around screens, our paper fanzine has soldiered on and made it to this remarkable point; issue 93 – our twentieth birthday.

Yep, the fanzine is twenty years old this month and so hopefully you’ll forgive us an element of naval-gazing. At the heart of this latest issue is a ten page retrospective, looking back at life twenty years ago, from a summary of the nadir of that 1997-98 season to the story of how two lads from Thorne set up popular STAND, courtesy of founding co-editor Liam Clayton. We’ve also tracked down two players from that season for their thoughts; Adie Mike and David Esdaille to get their thoughts.

Beyond the nostalgia we’ve also got the usual compelling and interesting content you’ve come to expect from a one-time award-winning, two-time almost-award-winning fanzine, covering everything from James Coppinger’s 500th League appearance, to the deeply troubling nature of local trauma used as banter. In short; it’s a bloody good issue and you’d be a fool to miss it.

Where can I buy it?

After March’s run of postponed and rearranged game, we have finally engineered a way to sell this landmark edition at a Doncaster Rovers home match. This issue will be on sale ahead of Rovers match with Bury on Tuesday 17 April; available from outside the Belle Vue Bar from 6.20pm, and from beneath the statue at the South East corner of the ground from 6.30pm. And, if we have any copies left post match, you’ll find us at the entrance to Car Park 2 at full-time.

If you cannot make it to the Bury home game, you can order this issue online and have it delivered directly to your door instead. We’re happy to send copies anywhere in the world you may be. Simply fill in the form on this page to order your copy.

What’s in it?

Inside this issue’s 40 packed fanzine pages you’ll find:

  • Editorial – on how things have changed since issue 1
  • The Bernard Glover Diaries – charting Rovers’ post-Christmas progress
  • Remembering the First Time – Matthew Swindell takes us back to 1998
  • Howard’s Marks – in search of the Afro Goal Machine in Harrogate
  • County Boundaries – the case for and against Yorkshire’s National team
  • Waugh, Huh, Yeah – give the referees a break eh?
  • From Beneath the Statue – looking back at that 1997-98 season
  • Born of Frustration – Liam Clayton on launching popular STAND
  • Mike Drops – Adie Mike remembers his time at Rovers
  • Finding David – an encounter with an Esdaille brother
  • Original Editorial – Sean O’Keefe’s opening words from 1998
  • Marshall Matters – remembering a twenty-year old nine-goal thriller
  • Common Cults – Paul Barnes at York City
  • For Peat’s Sake – how the biggest clubs are ruining the big time
  • Spotted! – Rovers players seen out and about
  • Voice of the Pop Side – James Coppinger joins the 500 club
  • Gary Brabin Memorial Lounge – The other shame of Rotherham away
  • Bernard Glover’s Believe it or Not
  • Left Wanting Away – on undesirable away support
  • Stock Check – is Brian OK?
  • Windmills of Your Mind – thinking of Rovers in years not seasons.

Why should I buy it?

You only need to pay £1 for it. It’s completely independent and written by fellow Rovers fans, for the enjoyment of all Rovers fans. And, all profits go to local charities in Doncaster – we’ve given away over £6,500 in recent years – so at the very least you’re supporting good causes in your town. So if you can pay more than that £1 please do, it’d be very welcome.

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