podular STAND podcast: the FA Cup fever episode

Empty home stands at The Valley as Rovers defend a corner in the FA Cup second round tie

Yes, that’s right this fanzine has a podcast. Still. After an extended period on gardening leave podular STAND has finally been risen from its slumber by FA Cup Fever. Not only has Doncaster Rovers’ best FA Cup run in over 60 years brought excitement to the town, it’s also managed to bring three of our regular contributors around a microphone for an hour.

As you may have expected, the subject of the long-awaited thirteenth episode of podular STAND is the FA Cup. Editor Glen Wilson and regular contributors James McMahon and Jack Peat came together earlier this week to discuss all things that sit in the middle portion of a ‘cup’ ‘magic’ Venn diagram.

In this forty-five minute episode the trio discuss their first FA Cup memories – both generally and with Rovers – they also misremember results and goalscorers, contemplate if and perhaps why the FA Cup’s reputation may have been dented, look forward to Rovers tie with Palace, and discover why Steve McManaman will always remind James of damp wellies.

Find all this and more in the latest episode, below. Enjoy.

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