popular STAND fanzine issue 100

the front cover of issue 100 of popular STAND fanzine

98… 99… 100! Coming, ready or not, it’s the centenary edition of popular STAND fanzine. Yep, in an era when print was supposed to be dead we’ve blindly persisted to somehow emerge with a ton of editions and a readership larger than ever before. One hundred bloody issues, twenty one years, and still only £1. We spoil you, we really do.

A big milestone deserves something special, so now seemed as good a time as any to do the interview we’ve only had 15 years to sort out. Yep, this issue features a fascinating, heart-warming, and generally life affirming in-depth chat with the man, the legend, James Coppinger.

We could’ve probably just put that out on its own to be honest, but no, we’re martyrs to our cause, and so we’ve wrapped it in among 40 packed pages of other great articles from your favourite Rovers-related writers, covering everything from crap stadium food, to wondering does any of this actually matter? Football that is, not the fanzine.

Where can I buy it?

Issue 100 will be on sale ahead of Rovers’ final league game of the season at home to Coventry City on Saturday 4 May. You’ll find our sellers around the ground; outside Belle Vue Bar from about 3.50pm, beneath the statue at the South East corner of the ground from 4pm, and outside the South Stand turnstiles from around 4.15pm. They’ll be there until around 5 minutes before kick-off, unless they sell out.

If we have any copies left post match, you’ll find us at the entrance to Car Park 2 at full-time. However our last two editions have sold out pre-match so don’t chance it.

What’s in it?

Inside this issue’s 40 packed fanzine pages you’ll find:

  • Editorial – we’ve made it to 100 issues
  • The Bernard Glover Diaries – the stumbling play-off pursuit
  • Spotted! – Rovers folk seen out and about
  • Remembering the First Time – Kieran O’Malley an a rare FA Trophy win
  • Follows the Rovers – Key moments from the last 21 years
  • The Striker’s Graveyard – John Marquis
  • Marshall Matters – a half-term assessment of the season so far
  • Bernard Glover’s Believe it or Not
  • From Beneath the Statue – Why aren’t we more grateful for John Marquis?
  • The Big Interview: James Coppinger
  • Trump on Rovers – the 45th US President looks at League One
  • Howard’s Marks – Owls about a trip to Cleethorpes
  • Voice of the Pop Side – will the real Fred Gregory stand up?
  • For Peat’s Sake – why are we settling for sub-standard food?
  • Lazarus Comes Forth – does it all matter?
  • Gary Brabin Memorial Lounge – buttering up our editor
  • Windmills of Your Mind – the longest serving one club men
  • Sausage and Match – football fun in the Czech fourth tier
  • Reg Ipsa – our legal expert takes a vague stab at your problems

Why should I buy it?

You mean apart from the Coppinger interview and everything else above? Well, as well as being the current Fanzine of the Year, it’s still only £1 and all profits go to local charities in Doncaster. So even if you find you don’t like it, at the very least you’re supporting good causes in your town. So if you can pay more than that £1 please do, it’d be very welcome.

After the match

Don’t forget to come and join us upstairs in Doncaster Brewery after the match, where we’ll be celebrating 100 issues of popular STAND with the aid of great local beer and live music from Great Leap Forward acoustic, from 8pm until closing time.

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