podular STAND podcast: the football kit episode

podular STAND podcast logo

Brace yourselves for a kit clash. Or should that be a clash over kits? In the 16th episode of the popular STAND podcast, podular STAND, Glen Wilson, Jack Peat, and the returning James McMahon discuss their favourite and least favourite Doncaster Rovers shirts.

From hand-drawn Vikings to mysterious Thundercats, to hoop or not to hoop, and why is Glen so obsessed with Rovers having a green away shirt? Can you separate kits from the memories they conjure? Does the sponsor make an impact on the shirt’s aesthetic? Why did FBT dick about with the hoops so much? And is James eating?

The answers to these and more questions you hadn’t considered asking, can be heard right now, as we blather on mildly entertainingly about football kits

podular STAND will be coming to you more regularly in 2020, with a new episode available on the final Friday of every month.

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