podular STAND podcast: the Brentford episode

Brentford 0-1 Doncaster Rovers

Well, we just couldn’t hold it off any longer. Come with us, away from all this, to Saturday 27 April 2013, and to Griffin Park. The League One promotion race has come down to a 90 minute final day showdown between 3rd place Brentford and 2nd place Doncaster Rovers at Griffin Park. Only one team can go up. It couldn’t be any more dramatic than that… or could it?

In the 17th episode of the popular STAND podcast, podular STAND, Glen Wilson, Jack Peat, and James McMahon recall that most dramatic of football afternoons, from three very different perspectives; the terraces, the commentary box, and somewhere far far away from it all. Plus, we have added insight man who would ultimately prove to be the hero, James Coppinger. What was he thinking as Marcello Trotta put the ball on the penalty spot, for Brentford’s injury time penalty? Well… it’s probably not what you expected.

What are you waiting for? Stick on your commemorative green shirt, chuck a flare over the fence into nextdoor’s garden, get ready to catch a flying Rob Jones, and give it a listen, right now.

podular STAND will be coming to you more regularly in 2020, with a new episode available on the final Friday of every month.

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