podular STAND podcast: the coronavirus episode

Football without fans is nothing. Ordinarily. Now, apparently it’s a means of boosting the nation’s morale. Yep, of course we’ll all be perked up and completely over this country’s many thousands of the needless deaths once we can see Bournemouth getting turned over in an empty Etihad Stadium

But away from the over-financed and apparently crucial world of the Premier League, what has the impact of coronavirus been on football, and those of us who actually leave our homes to watch it? How have we got our football fix when stuck at home? How will the League One season be resolved? Who will sue who? And how can you recreate the atmosphere of Faroese football terraces in your front room?

Well, the answers to all these questions, along with vague stabs at other ones, can now be heard in 18th episode of the popular STAND podcast, podular STAND. This month Glen Wilson is joined remotely by Jack Peat only as sadly we’ve lost James McMahon (he’s not dead, he just has a busier social life than us), to socially discuss where the current pandemic has left football. Just whack the big play button below and give it a listen.

podular STAND · podular STAND episode 18

podular STAND continues to come to you more regularly in 2020, with a new episode available on the final Friday of every month.

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One thought on “podular STAND podcast: the coronavirus episode

  1. As usual an interesting thought provoking discussion. I think that it illustrates how difficult the final decision will have to be. I do find it hard to just deny teams that have done very well so far any reward for their efforts so far this season. I personally would favour a PPG or loaded PPG to arrive at final league platings. Not ideal but a reflection of efforts so far.
    I think that as you discussed it is hard to put personal interests aside but we know that at least one of the bigger clubs will be disappointed but they have had 75% of the season to have been in a better place with bigger budgets than most.
    I look forward to the next podcast which could be just as interesting discussing the final outcome of this season.

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