The big 21st century Doncaster Rovers quiz

John Marquis celebrates in front of the Doncaster Rovers supporters after putting Rovers 1-0 ahead at Southend United

Another lockdown! Who saw that coming? Yep, that’s right, everyone. Thankfully we were on the front foot here at popular STAND fanzine, and so we’ve put together a special quiz to help you pass the time. And the good news? It’s not on Zoom!

No, this is a virtual quiz you can choose to do in your own time, when and how you feel like it. Tackle it on your own, or arrange a time to take on friends and family via a live link-up, or by shouting across the back gardens with a loudhailer. Your call.

The subject of this quiz, is Doncaster Rovers in the 21st century. Fifty questions covering the club in the years 2000 to 2020, spread across eight rounds. And to help with your options we’ve made the quiz available in two formats; first up, the podcast form – which you can listen to the way you’d normally listen to podular STAND.

Listen here via Soundcloud

Or, if you prefer, we’ve also recorded it on video. The downside being you have to look at our editor’s mug for the duration, but you can always stick a sticker over his face, or just judge him based on his bookshelves. To get things moving, all you need to do is grab a pen and paper, press play, and you’re off.

Good luck!


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