popular STAND’s Euro 2020 charity sweepstake

Wales fans watch on in the Groupama Arena as David Brooks takes a corner in the UEFA European Championships Qualifier

They’re here, they’re there, they’re every f***ing where! Yep, it’s finally time for the Covid-delayed and needlessly continent-scattered European Championships of 2020. And even though England, Wales and Scotland have all qualified, it’s nice to have a back up stream of disappointment handy. So, we decided to host a charity sweepstake

As football fans we all love an international tournament summer, but for many people they also deliver a tragic consequence. Studies of past tournaments have shown they bring with them a concerning increase in cases of domestic violence, with the number of incidents rising as much as 38% when England have lost major tournament games, and 26% when they have won or drawn. In the 2018 World Cup there were more than 300 cases of domestic abuse reported in England and Wales during the tournament, with three quarters of those coming when England were knocked out by Croatia.

That’s why, as with our previous tournament sweepstakes, we’ll be donating the money raised to a Doncaster based charity supporting victims of domestic abuse; this year it’s Phoenix WoMen’s Aid.  We charged a minimum £3 to enter, of which £1 goes to the prize fund, and the rest goes to the charity. Having filled all available slots twice over, coupled with the generosity of so many of our entrants, the total of donations for Phoenix WoMen’s Aid reached £217.01, which popular STAND fanzine will round up to £300. So a huge thank you to all who’ve entered.

The Prize

For those taking part, a reminder that should your adopted nation win Euro 2020 you’ll get £15, if they finish as runners-up and you’ll get £6, and should the country you’ve drawn end up with the worst record of the tournament, you’ll get a booby prize of £3.

The Draw

On Wednesday 9 June, in a secure London location, we conducted the sweepstake draw in two parts…