popular STAND fanzine: issue 105

Front cover of issue 105 of popular STAND fanzine

New season, new manager, new players; a fresh start, a time for optimism. Right? Well ordinarily yes, least that’s usually the case when we put out our first issue of a Rovers campaign.

But then that’s because we usually do so in early August. But this year we nudged it back to September, by which time default Yorkshire doom and gloom had long arrived, like autumn, on the tail of the last horse of the St Leger.  Rovers are bottom of the table and, as well as losing out to those windmill botherers down the road on the pitch twice, have also lost out to our near neighbours in the transfer market. A dripping tap of mounting football annoyance. 

But hey, there’s still many months to go, and we can at least try to view that as a cause for optimism rather than the remaining days of our sentence. Can’t we? OK fine, but in the mean-time we’ve a new issue of popular STAND for you to read. And it’s a special one too, as for the first time ever we’ve interviewed the current Rovers manager (insert your own joke about them not usually hanging around for long enough). But a detailed insight into Richie Wellens’ mind isn’t all we’ve got for you, there’s also this lot to sink your teeth into.

Editorial: Glen Wilson searches for perspective in Rovers disappointing season so far

The Fan Panel: Our socially distant Rovers fans tell us where the past few months have gone right and wrong

Jacob’s Selection: At least Jacob Goodwin is happy to back in the Keepmoat Stadium

Howard’s Marks: Howard Bonnett takes a trip across the Pennines to check in on Bury 

Remembering the First Time: Michael Petch takes us back to a heavy late 1990s defeat

The Big Interview: Richie Wellens: Glen Wilson sits down with the new Rovers manager

Gary Brabin Memorial Lounge: James McMahon wonders if his affinity for men in red and white hoops will ever be tested

Voice of the Pop Side: John Coyle takes a look at what became of the first Rovers side he ever saw

Marshall’s Matters: The new manager’s approach has Rob Marshall asking questions

Memorable Memorabilia: Lizzie Robinson on the joy and symbolism of terrible club t-shirts

Lazarus Comes Forth: An emotional piece from Lazarus on why he often asks himself, what would Billy Sharp do?

For Peat’s Sake: Jack Peat takes us away from this, and down the pub

Losing My Favourite Game: Glen Wilson kicks off a new series of memorable Rovers defeats with a night in South East London

Windmills of Your Mind: Dutch Uncle picks through the statistical highlights and lowlights of 2020-21

For the 2021-22 season popular STAND is a subscription-based fanzine, however we have a small number of individual copies of issue 105 available for sale via our back issue page.

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