podular STAND podcast: episode 22

Guess who’s back, back again. Our podcast’s back, tell a friend. Yep, the popular STAND fanzine podcast, podular STAND, returns for the 2021-22 season.

And with a new season comes a new format, and some new guests. Rather than listen to the same voices each month we’re mixing it up and going for more of a magazine feel this season, with different guests and a different focus each month.

And we kick off 2021-22 with a look at how the campaign is going so far. We’ve exclusive audio from Glen Wilson’s in-depth interview with the new Rovers manager Richie Wellens, and joining Wilson to discuss that, and the somewhat underwhelming season so far are Lizzie Robinson and ITEN’s Adam Stubbings.

And whilst we’ve got her on the line, we also take the opportunity to chat to Robinson about the newly formed Doncaster Rovers Women’s Supporters Group.

podular STAND will be coming to you more regularly during 2021-22, with a new episode available on the first day of every month.

Like and subscribe via your preferred podcasting platform now, and if you have a moment, give us a rating and a review on there too.

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