podular STAND podcast: episode 23

Bournemouth 1-2 Doncaster Rovers

Yep, the new style popular STAND podcast has made it to a second successive month, which given how we’ve only just reached episode 23 years, four years since episode one, is probably an achievement in itself.

But offering you more than just regularity, this latest edition is another hour of luke warm informal (mostly) Rovers related chat. For November’s episode, host Glen Wilson is joined by two members of the fanzine’s Fan Panel – Lizzie Robinson and, making her podcast debut, Emma Dawson – to discuss how the season is panning out (spoiler alert, it’s not going great).

And for a somewhat lighter second course Wilson is joined by regular fanzine contributor and editor of The London Economic, Jack Peat to discuss his new book, The Great Pie Revolt, which looks at the links between food and football. And we make use of this tome to look forward to upcoming Rovers away games and help you get some ideas of alternative food and drink options in Scunthorpe, Bolton, Burton, Cambridge and Lincoln.

podular STAND will be coming to you more regularly during 2021-22, with a new episode available on the first day of every month.

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