popular STAND fanzine: issue 106

front cover of issue 106 of popular STAND fanzine

On the opening page of issue 105 of popular STAND I promised that we wouldn’t be bottom of League One by the time issue 106 came round. I have to be honest, I was hoping to be somewhat higher than 23rd, but hey, a win’s a win.

This issue went to print just after Richie Wellens’ departure, which means there’s an element of reflection amongst some of the hastily rewritten contributions. There’s also want to embrace the awfulness, and try and draw some positives from the misery, but at the same time a flavour of detachment among some of our support, myself very prominently included.

It’s hard to know what the rest of 2021-22 will bring, or indeed who will be bringing it. But, at least there are two more editions of popular STAND fanzine to accompany it, which, even in my own biased opinion, is a real treat. Maybe by issue 107 Rovers will have crept up to 22nd place. We can all still dream at least.

For now, here’s what’s in the current issue of your fanzine…

Editorial: Glen Wilson reflects on the end of Richie Wellens tenure

Bernard Glover’s Diary: A look back at two and half month of defeats and false dawns

Remembering the First Time: Is Adam Dawson the first Rovers glory hunter?

The Fan Panel: The original panel of Rovers fans answer some pertinent questions

Follows the Rovers: Mike Follows offers some reasons to be cheerful

The Doncaster Free Mess: The latest local news headlines… kind of

Phenomenal Women: Emma Dawson and Lizzie Robinson introduce the Doncaster Rovers Women’s Supporters Group

Marshall’s Matters: The life of Laurie Sheffield is honoured by Rob Marshall

For Peat’s Sake: Jack Peat loves an away day… just not this particular one

Waugh, Huh, Yeah: David Waugh wonders why we don’t see more hefty hammerings

Gary Brabin Memorial Lounge: Yes we’re awful, but James McMahon argues that this is how it’s supposed to be

Lazarus Comes Forth: Time to wake up people, Lazarus is onto the truth

Jacob’s Selection: The murky world of Newcastle United’s takeover is picked over by Jacob Goodwin

Voice of the Pop Side: John Coyle remembers flicking to kick with his kit picks

Losing My Favourite Game: Dan Nice recalls memorable defeat on Tyneside

Howard’s Marks: Howard Bonnett considers Rovers options for a new manager 

From Beneath the Statue: Glen Wilson on feeling more than a little detached from all things Rovers

Windmills of Your Mind: Dutch Uncle wonders if we can at least take solace in the stats

For the 2021-22 season popular STAND is a subscription-based fanzine, however we have a small number of individual copies of issue 106 available for sale via our back issue page.

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