popular STAND to donate £1,500 to Doncaster charities

A bag full of popular STAND fanzines outside the Keepmoat Stadium ahead of Doncaster Rovers' League One match with Walsall

It’s been a tough year for, well, for almost everyone. Across Doncaster thousands of people are struggling. Struggling to make ends meet; struggling to look forwards; struggling to overcome trauma; struggling to be themselves; struggling to find hope.

The words ‘cost of living crisis’ should be a frightening proposition – the idea that a sizeable chunk of the population simply cannot afford to live, to exist, to be – instead it’s become normalised through its ubiquity. The ongoing effects of what passes for governance in this country are devastating lives. There’s no ignoring that. Whatever your political persuasion, there can be no denying that. 

So with all that in mind, the figure in the headline of this post feels both significant, but also pretty futile. We’re a not-for-profit fanzine that is priced so as to be as affordable as possible to as many people as possible. Take off the postage and packaging costs and at a base level it’s still the £1 it’s always been. With that in mind, having £1,500 to spare – raised purely through the generosity of you, our subscribers, paying over the asking price for the fanzine – is an impressively large sum that I’m incredibly thankful to all of you for, for being able to have it at our disposal. 

But it also feels far too little a sum to make any kind of impact, given the level of suffering so many people are facing. In an effort to keep afloat, it’s like chucking a couple of deckchairs off the deck of the Titanic. So, with that in mind, we’ve replicated what we’ve done in previous years, and rather than give it to one charity we’ve picked out six organisations to award £250 to; each of them a group local to Doncaster, that exists to support Doncastrian people.

The first of these comes off the back of our recent World Cup Sweepstake. With this year’s men’s tournament taking place to Qatar, we wanted to support a group marginalised by its staging in a venue where to live their chosen life is illegal. The sweep raised just over £100 through its entrants, and we’ve rounded that up to £250 to give to Doncaster Pride to support their LGBTQ+ Youth Hub, which advocates for and supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning young people.

Details on, and links to, the other five selected charities can be found below. Whilst I am delighted that we’re able to support each of them, I’m also greatly saddened that in 2022 the need to do so is arguably stronger than it has ever been.

Mind Doncaster

Each year in England, one in four people will experience a mental health problem of some kind, with depression and anxiety the most commonly reported. For over 40 years Doncaster Mind has been working locally to support recovery from mental ill-health, and promote emotional well-being.

Find out more

Real Help Doncaster

Homelessness continues to rise in the UK, and in 2021 an estimated 741 homeless people died in England and Wales. Real Help Doncaster is a local fund that helps homeless and vulnerable people off the street and into a healthier and safer lifestyle.

Find out more


Domestic abuse will affect 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men in their lifetime. Doncaster-based Phoenix exists to provide help, support, and advice for women, men and children who are victims of Domestic Violence and Abuse.

Find out more


Every year in the UK, hundreds of thousands of people experience some form of rape or sexual abuse. Doncaster Rape and Sexual Abuse Counselling Service (DRASACS) aims to help and support people in the Doncaster area who have suffered from these experiences.

Find out more


The effect of loneliness and isolation on mortality is comparable to the impact of obesity and cigarette smoking. B:friend is committed to ending loneliness, supporting those who may have become isolated from the wider community by partnering them with volunteer ‘befrienders’.

Find out more

Thank you once again for your backing, both as subscribers and as contributing writers who have given their time and talents for free. Merry Christmas.

Glen Wilson

One thought on “popular STAND to donate £1,500 to Doncaster charities

  1. Typically excellent and great to be supporting such worthy causes. While the sums my seem paltry I’m sure they will be invaluable to the organisations con.

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