Crawley Town 1-1 Doncaster Rovers: 250 word match report

Match action from Crawley Town, in red, versus Doncaster Rovers, in green and black, at Broadfield Stadium seen from the away terrace as Caolan Lavery's header heads towards the bottom left corner of the goal for the opening goal to Rover

I’ve read Beckett’s ‘Waiting for Godot’, but never seen it performed. But I don’t have to, I support Doncaster Rovers. Each game I’ve watched, this season and last, an interminable wait for something, anything to happen for this team, and yet it never does.

As the first half’s additional minutes were illuminated, I considered my notes. ‘Stuart Moore makes comfortable save’. Nothing more. Then a Rovers free-kick presented the opportunity to give the game the goal it didn’t deserve. Caolan Lavery’s glancing header did just that.

Second half then, perhaps we’ll kick on? We never did. Perhaps we’ll get the ball down and play? We never did. Just consistent failure from the men in green to ever string more than three passes together against a team so terrible that for the first hour they could barely keep the ball in the confines of a massive green rectangle. 

Rovers offered no clue to what their game plan could or might have been – unless it was ‘relinquish the ball as often as possible’ – and Crawley came back into it, flashed a trio of shots just over the bar and scored a thoroughly deserved equaliser.

Fair play Rovers did keep their shape well, but if it was blokes moving about in organised lines I craved I’d haul my arse to the Edinburgh Tattoo. I wanted football, this was only it until you opened the box.

Circumstances mean I’m unlikely to see Rovers again this season, and frankly that feels like a massive relief.

by Glen Wilson

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