Competition: Win a Bloody Lovely Rovers Scarf

Christmas is coming, Russ Wilcox is getting fat. What better time to get hold of a freebie? Thanks to the good people at Savile Rogue we have a lovely red and white cashmere Rover scarf to give away, perfect to help you wrap up warm, or twirl extatically round your head this winter. The folk at Savile Rogue said we were free to give the scarf away as we feel, so rather and a straight forward quiz question we thought we’d help you unleash your creative side.

We have decided to hold an art themed competition, so what we want you to do is draw us a picture of Rovers current fan favourite head-anything-that-moves centre-half Rob Jones. It doesn’t have to be a master-piece and you can use whatever medium you like, from water-colours to photoshop, we’re just looking for something that encapsulates Jones. As a guide we once held a similar competition on the now defunct Viva Rovers site where we asked folk to draw the mystery man that was Steve Brooker, some of the submissions for which can be found here.

So that we are able to mail out the scarf to the winner before Christmas the deadline for the competition is this coming Friday evening. To enter simply email your depiction of Rob Jones to us at and please make sure to include your name and a postal address at which we can get the scarf to you.


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