“I Cannot Believe What We’ve Just Witnessed” On How Doncaster Won the Title

Doncaster Rovers Celebrate at BrentfordUp high in the Main Stand at Brentford’s Griffin Park at about 5pm yesterday, as I tried to regain my breath and the feeling in my hands and legs I uttered those words quoted in the title of this piece. I’ve seen a lot of football in my life at all manner of levels, and I thought I’d seen everything the game had to offer… until yesterday.

At Griffin Park it was ‘Winner-Goes-Up’; Brentford win and they take the second promotion spot away from opponents Doncaster dropping the Rovers into the play-off. Rovers win and they go up – and also take the title in the process – and it’s Bretford in the play-offs. A draw would do Rovers. In the 94th minute, with the score at 0-0, Brentford get a penalty and the rest… well the rest… the rest can’t really be described effectively in retrospect.

Imagine being there, people have said, imagine being part of it. Well I was, and not only was I there, I was commentating on it too.

Here are the closing minutes as told by me and broadcast live on Rovers Player yesterday afternoon.

Huge thanks to Kev and Darren Neagle for capturing this, and also for Rovers for giving me permission to put it out. Make sure you get on Rovers Player and sign-up for more moments (not quite) like this next season, and further reaction to yesterday’s game.

5 thoughts on ““I Cannot Believe What We’ve Just Witnessed” On How Doncaster Won the Title

  1. Quality stuff Glen

    That’s the first pivotal Rovers game I’ve not witnessed in the flesh, so that commentary is my ‘they think it’s all over moment’

    And to think I almost turned it off when the penalty was given…

  2. It’s Monday morning, this still makes my spine tingle. Captured the events brilliantly Glen. Thanks

  3. Not sunk in yet for me. I still have that “saucers for eyes, mouth wide open” look that Tommy Spurr had on his face for an hour after the game on Saturday.

  4. I’ve just listened to this all over again. Five long years after it all happened. And I kid you not, I’m more excited now than even when Santa left me a big bar of Galaxy last Crimbo. I got tears in my eyes and I got a great, big, whopping stupid grin all over my silly face,

    Bloody brilliant. A great event. A once in a lfetime event. A memory to treasure for ever and ever and ever.

    Don’t ever take this down Glen :)

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