The Only Fan in The Valley

The Only Fan in The Valley

It’s 19 years since I left Doncaster but I’ve not lost the accent. Nor have I lost that ingrained sense of pragmatism that comes with growing up in the town. So before the fixtures had even been released for the current season I’d come to the terms with the fact I was unlikely to see Rovers play in it. I haven’t had a season ticket in a decade, I live 200 miles away. If there’s to be a pecking order I’m lower mid table at best. Continue reading “The Only Fan in The Valley”

“I Cannot Believe What We’ve Just Witnessed” On How Doncaster Won the Title

Doncaster Rovers Celebrate at BrentfordUp high in the Main Stand at Brentford’s Griffin Park at about 5pm yesterday, as I tried to regain my breath and the feeling in my hands and legs I uttered those words quoted in the title of this piece. I’ve seen a lot of football in my life at all manner of levels, and I thought I’d seen everything the game had to offer… until yesterday. Continue reading ““I Cannot Believe What We’ve Just Witnessed” On How Doncaster Won the Title”

Talking a Good Game; On Becoming a Football Commentator

Press Box at Crawley Town v Doncaster RoversA couple of years ago, in London for the weekend, I was invited to a house party somewhere in the middle of the city where I knew no-one bar the guy I had tagged along with. Between the lift and the door to the flat I asked who’s house party it was I was about to attend and what they did. “They’re in a sketch troupe,” was my mate’s answer, said as if that were a normal sentence that someone might say. “Oh right,” I replied, before pressing on, “but what do they do for a living?” “That,” he replied, “they’re in a sketch troupe,” and in we went. Continue reading “Talking a Good Game; On Becoming a Football Commentator”