Doncaster Rovers 2-0 Colchester United: 250 word match report

Doncaster Rovers fans watch as their team defeat Yeovil Town 3-0 at the Keepmoat Stadium

“We’re going to win today” I’m told before the game. We all agree.

After a lively start a rather theatrical dive worthy of an attempt to beat the world’s longest human flight record gets Colchester a penalty, but it’s executed rather Trotta-like and is missed.

Rovers have plenty of chances but fail to make the most of their patient build up work; denied numerous times by a North Stand goal that definitely wasn’t having any of it today. But then after Nathan Tyson tricks his way through the defence Enda Stevens pops up and all of a sudden it’s 1-0.

After half time, neither side seemed too bothered that there was a football game on. Calls of “gerrit for’ard” and “too bloody casual” failed to have any effect.  Rovers eventually do decide to try to play some football, but are up against a side intent on playing head keepy-uppy, and need a late spot-kick from Tyson to double their tally.

The match saw noticeably fewer offsides than recent Rovers performances; Curtis Main deployed in the offside role today offered more than the usual incumbent, and did enough defensively to be absolved of criticism.

As the game entered ‘Fergie time’ Colchester did, too late, wake up, but it was always a win for Rovers today. With little to get frustrated about the Dickovrantometer only reached two 4th official ear bashings. Rovers have again beaten a poor Colchester side, but can be credited for a much better all round performance.

by Ros Lodge (and the South West Exiles)

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