Shrewsbury Town 1-2 Doncaster Rovers; 250 word match report

Pre-match food for Wales fans ahead of their game with Bosnia

Ninety-four minutes later, I can confirm, it’s going to be a rollercoaster. Not only did Son Of Fergie’s first match in charge result in an away win, but for the larger share, it also saw an unshackling of the cautious play that characterized much of Paul Dickov’s time.

Nobody benefitted from this as much as James Coppinger, whose goal from a corner, fourteen minutes in, raised hopes that tonight might just be the night. Six minutes later, a phenomenal triple save from Thorsten Stuckmann seemed to confirm it. However, Shrewsbury’s Nathaniel Knight-Percival flew in at the far post to power a header past the Big German and keep us guesing.

But we’re going to see far more of that sort of thing, I’m sure. Son Of Fergie (and his first period at Peterborough supports this theory) appears to favour the schoolboy tactic of ‘we’re going to score one more than you’. Which is fine, because right now, in the on-loan Keshi Anderson, we’ve a genuine schoolboy, give or take a few years, who plays football with such naïve brilliance, he’s the player we all hoped Kyle Bennett might be. His goal, on 87 minutes, resulted in scenes of mild delirium.

God knows what happens when we have to send the boy wonder back to Palace at Christmas. God knows how bad our goal difference is going to be at the end of the season. But it’s not going to be dull, and I’ll take that right now.

By James McMahon

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