popular STAND fanzine donates £1,000 to Doncaster charities

Cheques from popular STAND fanzine to go to charities in Doncaster

When the shops have already begun their January sales, and the lampposts have been wound in twinkling lights since October it can be easy to forget the true joy of Christmas. That of course, is defeating Scunthorpe on Boxing Day, but until that moment comes, we can instead be festive through the spirit of giving.

Cheques from popular STAND fanzine to go to charities in DoncasterAs popular STAND is very much a labour of love rather than a business what ‘profits’ we make from selling our moderately priced fanzine we choose to give away. In the past we gave it to football, but in recent years we have chosen instead to give it away to causes which are not only close to our heart, but also close to our people, our roots and our community. There are people out there voluntarily doing all they can to make our town great, to make it welcoming, to make it compassionate and to make it comfortable for everyone here, whether they’ve been here all their lives, or recently found themselves here. How can you not want to support that?

Thanks to all those who have purchased a copy of, or subscribed to, the fanzine this season and through the welcome generosity of those of who you have chosen to pay more than the minimum price of £1 we’ve managed to squirrel away £1,000. And now we ‘re ready to give it away, to four small, independent local charities who are in great need of support and recognition for their work. So, in the post has gone a cheque for £250 to each of the following.

Doncaster Rape and Sexual Abuse Counselling Service

DRASACS aim to help local people who have suffered from rape and sexual abuse. They provide confidential services for adults, children and young people who have been raped or sexually abused, as well as family members who have been affected by the issues.


It is estimated that 850,000 people suffer with dementia in the UK. DonMentia aims to promote and protect the mental and physical health of sufferers of dementia, and their carers, in Doncaster through the provision of support and equipment.

Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen

Guru Nank’s Free Kitchen is a project established by members of Doncaster’s Sikh community, which provides and serves free food to homeless people and those who need it.

Doncaster Conversation Club

The Conversation Club is a weekly group for refugee and asylum seekers in Doncaster who want to practice their English and get more support. The Conversation Club aims to help people learn and practice English in a relaxed setting, make friends, share and develop skills and build confidence.

Huge thanks again to all who’ve purchased popular STAND this year, and all our brilliant writers and contributors who’ve made this possible.

Merry Christmas.

Glen Wilson
popular STAND


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