Swindon Town 2-0 Doncaster Rovers; 250 word match report

The County Ground, home of Swindon Town, ahead of their game against Doncaster Rovers

No doubt past comparisons have been made between these towns. Both steeped in railway history, both now hoping to become cities? Similar too in a love of football, similar in association with football scandals. Would this similarity off the pitch be echoed on it?

I’d love to write about ‘a rejuvenated Rovers,’ but sadly it’s more a case of Rovers’ fire being emphatically extinguished. The first half was largely even and though Swindon had the better of the chances Rovers looked organised and good value for nil-nil. Until being caught on the break.

Six, yes SIX, Town players against two Rovers defenders, half a mile behind, and it was 1-0 before the rest of the side had breasted the halfway line; like a tired steam engine chasing a Eurostar from London to Calais.

In the second half Rovers struggled again to get out of the engine shed as Swindon continued to take advantage on the break. The Robins patient passing game was some of the neatest football I’ve seen in the league this year. Two-nil on the night and the confident, energetic home side could’ve had more.

The sending off and bookings appeared harsh; Swindon successfully winding Rovers’ players up for the visitors to land all the blame, a it like an argument with a younger sibling. Alas Rovers’ midfield melted away; credit to Nathan Tyson for continuing to battle, but whilst this side might have heart, it’s not making the relegation talk that’ll now follow any easier to take.

by Rosie Lodge

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