Bradford City 2-0 Doncaster Rovers: 250 word match report

There was no repeat of the season’s earlier Valley Parade cup heroics for Rovers, who came into the game desperately needing to break their losing habit, but ultimately came up short in ways that felt all too familiar. Undone by two headers, whilst failing in front of goal on a day when several former players found the net for their new clubs.

If anything, this day was notable more for Richie Wellens’ management debut at Oldham, inspiring a 40-something Clarence Seedorf to victory, whilst notching himself a 100% record. In the aftermath of another miserable defeat, it seems many of the Rovers faithful would now gladly kick Darren Ferguson aside in the manner of a Wellens halfway-line tackle.

I could recount you the specifics of the goals but the truth is they were exactly as you’ve probably already pictured them. Both classic Rovers capitulations, it does seem a little unfair to blame it all on Ferguson as by my memory, Rovers have been conceding easy goals from corners and such for at least the last thirty years. Similarly, you know that sort of ref who’s really whistle happy, yet oblivious to much of what goes on around him? Yeah, we got him again.

So all in all, if you’d watched this game you’d have come away depressed. But then, I expect you’ll be used to that as well.

‘We need Rob Jones back at centre half.’ Someone said afterwards.

If Seedorf can sign for Oldham I guess anything is possible.

by Lazarus

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