podular STAND podcast: the Arsenal episode

September has come to an end, and the leaves are falling almost as fast as Rovers’ league placing; time for another episode of the Doncaster Rovers podcast that doesn’t feel the need to tell you it’s your favourite Doncaster Rovers podcast, podular STAND.

For episode 11 of the podcast, popular STAND editor Glen Wilson was again joined by regular contributors and fellow London-exiled Rovers fans James McMahon and Jack Peat, as the trio look back at the experience of watching Rovers at Arsenal. Why were people so angry? Why were the home fans so sleepy? Why did the national press just phone it in?

Also in this episode we ask why we should care what top managers think about the League Cup, as well as discussing watching football from a box, and the joys of football grounds surrounded by tower blocks. Oh and we even manage to discuss Rovers for a bit too. Here you go… enjoy.

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