popular STAND fanzine issue 97

The front cover of issue 97 of popular STAND fanzine

Are you hanging up your stocking on the wall? Course you’re not. It’s 2018. And we all live in rented accommodation as we can’t afford to buy houses, so if we did hang a stocking on the wall we’d only be lumbered with a ‘stocking damage fee’ from our letting agent. Still, it is nearly Christmas, and have we got the perfect present for you? No, no we haven’t. That was intended to be rhetorical to be honest. But we have got a new issue of popular STAND fanzine on sale, so at least that’s something.

It’s been a bloody good December for the fanzine. Ten days ago we were crowned FSF Fanzine of the Year for the the second time, and earlier this week we gave away £2,000 to support local charities in Doncaster. But we’ve not rested on this success, and whilst all that was happening – and our editor was making a foolishly timed house move – we’ve put together another belting issue for you too.

Issue 97 of your double-award-winning popular STAND fanzine is once again forty packed pages of high quality football writing form your fellow Doncaster Rovers fans. In this issue we answer questions; is Herbie Kane the greatest Herbie?; what’s the best long-range Rovers goal in recent memory?; has any other club yo-yo’d up and down the divisions as much as our mob? We also celebrate greatness in James Coppinger’s longevity and Sean Thornton’s finest moment that didn’t involve rapping. And we’ve got Mike Follows’ annual Christmas story, a confession to childhood breaking and entering; Howard takes his big foam finger to Matlock, oh and Jack the Miner calls Richard Curtis a prick.

So there you go, still not a programme, still only £1 and frankly an absolute bloody bargain. Make sure you pick up yours on Saturday from the usual places, detailed below.

Where can I buy it?

This issue will be on sale ahead of Rovers’ home match against Scunthorpe United on Saturday 15 December. And don’t forget it’s a 12.15pm kick-off so we’ll be at the ground (painfully) early. You’ll find our sellers around the ground up until kick-off; outside Belle Vue Bar from about 10.40am, beneath the statue at the South East corner of the ground from 10.45am, and outside the South Stand turnstiles from 11.15am.

If we have any copies left post match, you’ll find us at the entrance to Car Park 2 at full-time, though we advise you to buy before the game as we don’t always have copies left post-match, and to be frank, we’ll be cold and wanting a pint.

What’s in it?

Inside this issue’s 40 packed fanzine pages you’ll find:

  • Editorial – on being sure to enjoy the good times
  • The Bernard Glover Diaries – down and up in Doncaster and London
  • Charity Giving – where your money has gone this year
  • Remembering the First Time – Steve Bates gets some mystery autographs
  • Spotted! – Rovers folk seen out and about
  • The Fan Panel – five Rovers supporters face our vaguely topical questions
  • Follows the Rovers – It’s not a bad life in Mike’s annual Christmas tale
  • Gary Brabin Memorial Lounge – is Herbie Kane the greatest Herbie?
  • Lazarus Comes Forth – is a European Super League nigh?
  • Voice of the Pop Side – on a mission to correct history’s mistakes
  • For Peat’s Sake – embracing the return of attacking football
  • Jack the Miner’s Coal Face – a piece on poetry and stalking
  • Howard’s Marks – contenders ready? A trip to see The Gladiators
  • From Beneath the Statue – James Coppinger; 598 not out
  • Coppinger’s team-mates – his most familiar and unfamiliar XIs
  • Memorable Memorabilia – a signed shirt from a treasured team
  • The Striker’s Graveyard – Darren Byfield
  • Marshall Matters – five glorious long-range goals remembered
  • Bernard Glover’s Believe it or Not
  • Windmills of Your Mind – are Rovers the most up and down of all clubs?
  • Anatomy of a Goal – Sean Thornton vs Aston Villa
  • Reg Ipsa – our legal expert takes a vague stab at your problems

Why should I buy it?

It’s double bloody award-winning! So something about it must be vaguely readable. On top of that you only need to pay £1 for it. It’s completely independent and written by fellow Rovers fans, for the enjoyment of other Rovers fans… like you. And, as you’ll probably be aware all profits go to local charities in Doncaster, meaning even if you hate the ‘zine, at the very least you’re supporting good causes in your town. So if you can pay more than that £1 please do, it’d be very welcome.


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