popular STAND gives away £2,000 to Doncaster charities

Cheques from popular STAND fanzine made out to Doncaster charities

We won an award last week. A proper big hefty one too. As shiny as it is weighty and given to us at a posh do with a table plan and cameras and people you’ve heard of. It’s the second time popular STAND fanzine has been the FSF’s Fanzine of the Year. And you might think that being given that trophy, and having the effort we’ve put in to this ‘zine recognised would be the highlight of our year. And you’d be right, it was. For a week.

That’s because today, as editor of this fanzine, I get to squiggle my signature on five sizeable cheques; each of them going to organisations that are committed to make a difference in our town, and support the people of our borough. As a not-for-profit fanzine we’ve given away money before of course, almost £7,000 to date in my time as editor. But today we give away the biggest sum we’ve ever distributed in one go; today we give away £2,000.

This is only possible because of you, and your generosity. By picking up a fanzine – whether you’ve paid £1 or £5 – by buying one of our badges, by getting involved in our sweepstake, by writing for the fanzine, by selling it, or just by letting others know it exists, you’ve helped us raise more money than ever before, despite never raising our base price from the £1 we first charged way back in 1998. To be able to keep this fanzine affordable to everyone without compromising content or integrity, and still help make a difference to those in our town who need support. That is my undoubted highlight of the year.

Rather than throw two grand at one group, we’ve tried to select a quintuplet of charities that each offer different services, none more important than any other, but all vital to those they seek to support. They are all groups local to Doncaster, supporting Doncastrian people, who perhaps ordinarily might struggle to bring in donations.

Below you can find out a little more about each of the charities we have chosen to donate to this December. Thank you once again for your backing; we are delighted that we are able to support each of these groups, but we are saddened that in 2018 there remains a need to do so.


A local group providing advice and specialist help in relation to community care, housing and welfare benefits, M25 help people in Doncaster who are homeless or threatened with homelessness.


Founded in 2013, DonMentia is a voluntary group raising money to support people in the borough who are suffering from dementia, and those who care for them.
find out more

Open Minds

A charity and social enterprise, Open Minds are a counselling service who offer support to adults, and young people. Their clients are often among the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in Doncaster.
find out more



Can you imagine not speaking to another person all week? b:Friend is aimed at supporting older people who may have become isolated from the wider community by partnering them with volunteer ‘befrienders’.
find out more



Every year in the UK, hundreds of thousands of people experience some form of rape or sexual abuse. Doncaster Rape and Sexual Abuse Counselling Service (DRASACS) aim To help people in the Doncaster area who have suffered from these experiences.
find out more

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