podular STAND podcast: the Christmas episode

podular STAND podcast logo

Last Christmas, we gave you a card, but the very next day it fell down the back of the dresser. This year, to save you from tears, we’ve recorded you a festive edition of podular STAND, the football podcast for the likes of Doncaster Rovers.

Earlier this week, way back before Santa Claus had done a second check of his list; popular STAND editor Glen Wilson and regular contributors James McMahon and Jack Peat gathered round the fire in the log cabin they filmed Wham’s Last Christmas video in to discuss a number of things Doncaster Rovers.

In this edition we cover December’s league results, including the propensity to concede soft goals, the Luke McCormick-James Coppinger incident and the day that the streets of Grimsby were left looking like the set of 28 Days Later. We also look at the notion of a derby, Boxing Day football, whether Steve Evans is still annoying, did Coppinger kill horses, and Rovers-related Christmas gifts.

All this, plus James’ admission that he’s read Sam Allardyce’s autobiography and Jack’s fascination with a cornish pasty is available to listen to now on iTunes, and also on Soundcloud, below.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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